1. The Ultimate & Eternal Album

  2. A Vision in The Desert

  3. Winter (Dwarven Vengeance)

  4. Cloud Dragon

  5. Blightbeard

  6. American Doom

  7. Boys From the County Hell

  8. The Valley... Of DOOM!

  9. Composition Portfolio

  10. Orange Death

  11. Dr Wedemski and his Alchemical Laboratory

  12. Goodbye, El Rojo

  13. One Bullet

  14. El Rojo's Theme

  15. In The Churchyard

  16. I'm Not Funny, Bitch

  17. The Melancholy Lunch of Sword Captain

  18. Autumn 2018

  19. SKÅL

  20. Spider For Sale

  21. The Axeman Sharpeneth

  22. Hammer-Bot-Smash

  23. Bazooka Girl

  24. The Hawk

  25. ATTACK

  26. Teenage Victory Daydream

  27. The Crypt

  28. Summer 2018

  29. NeoDeath

  30. Winter & Spring 2018


  32. The Brigands of Pepperwood Grove

  33. Bar Fight

  34. Corpse Whale
    Corpse Whale

  35. Water Goddess vs The Serpent

  36. Tech & Lala

  37. Worm Fighter

  38. It's The... Interlude
    Gio Benedetti, NeoScum

  39. Break Your Heart

  40. Z and Barft - part 2

  41. Z and Barft - Work in Progress

  42. Tourach Traders

  43. Sylvia
    Lazer Bazterd

  44. Mint Chip

  45. Super Dead
    Lazer Bazterd

  46. Mount Lassen from Juniper Lake (campsite 14)

  47. NeoScum vs The Bison Marauders

  48. The Desert Caravan

  49. Sandwich Slayer
    Lazer Bazterd

  50. Todd Dishonors the Company for the Last Time
    Lazer Bazterd

  51. Death By Axe
    Lazer Bazterd

  52. Heavy Sword, Heavy Heart
    Lazer Bazterd

  53. Merv & The Yellow Stampede
    Lazer Bazterd

  54. Space Trucker
    Lazer Bazterd

  55. Good Job, Dragonfly!

  56. The Death of the Fox Cadet

  57. Ogre Cop IV: Ogre Cop in Space
    Lazer Bazterd

  58. The Forging of Lazer Bazterd
    Lazer Bazterd

  59. The Ogre Cowboy Comes to Skull Town
    Lazer Bazterd

  60. The Fall of Cyclops Castle
    Lazer Bazterd

  61. Lady Dryad Blesses the Siege of Cyclops Castle
    Lazer Bazterd

  62. Swamp Lopper
    Lazer Bazterd

  63. The Doomed, Final Charge of General Gritz
    Lazer Bazterd

  64. Mountaintop Devourment
    Lazer Bazterd

  65. The Lair of The Swamp Troll
    Lazer Bazterd

  66. I Am Trying to Distill My Hope and Earnest Resolve Into Music

  67. My Home Is Burning, And I'm So Far Away


Gio Benedetti Petaluma, California

If you want to see videos for these jams - check out: goo.gl/QK8J5Y

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